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Project Overview

In 2020, Dr. Clancy changed his practice’s name, domain name, and physical location. For the transition, we redesigned his website with new branding and launched it on a new domain. On October 1, 2020, we shut down his original website, cosmeticsmileteam.com, and rebranded to divinesmiles.com located in Woburn, MA. 


  • The SEO impact of moving one’s website to a new domain.
  • The SEO impact of moving to a new physical office location.
  • The visual transformation of the website redesign.
  • The visual effects of using custom patient photography instead of stock photos.

Key Achievements

We successfully redesigned Dr. Clancy’s website, moved domains, and the dental practice moved office locations without suffering any SEO impact. Instead, Divine Smiles experienced a significant increase in local website traffic, organic keywords, and total conversions.

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101.2 %

Increase in local traffic

39.7 %

Increase in organic keywords

129 %

Increase in conversions

Local Traffic

Since moving the website to the new domain in October 2020, local traffic in Massachusetts has significantly increased. October, November, and December took a small dip as the new website was gaining traction, but afterward, traffic levels remained in the 90th percentile. Overall, local traffic increased by 101.2%.

Graph showing increase in online traffic
Organic Keyword changes to Divine Smiles in Boston's dental website

Organic Keywords

Since moving to the new physical location, Divine Smiles began ranking in top positions for key procedures in the Woburn area. Additionally, Divine Smiles began ranking well on a regional level in Massachusetts for procedure terms such as “cosmetic dentistry”. Overall, there was a 39.7% increase in organic keywords.

Website Redesign

Dr. Clancy received a website redesign and rebranding from Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry to Divine Smiles. The website design included a patient-centric approach with a simplified user experience and increased website speed. The website redesign also included the use of custom patient photography and showcased how it can take a website to the next level. Contact us at (970) 672-1212 to learn how a website redesign can benefit your practice.

Clancy's Website Redesign


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