Dental Case Study – Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness

Project Overview

Dr. Haddad founded the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness with a specific focus on treating TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. The center also serves as a feeder practice for his other establishment, Rochester Advanced Dentistry. Partnering with Pro Impressions Marketing in 2015, we helped Dr. Haddad launch this specialized practice with a new logo, website, and comprehensive marketing campaign.


  • Establish Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness as the leading provider for TMJ and sleep apnea treatment in the Detroit area.
  • Develop a new brand centered around TMJ and sleep apnea.
  • Increase local website traffic.
  • Improve organic keyword rankings.

Key Achievements

Since the inception of our partnership with Dr. Haddad and the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness, the practice has seen exponential growth. Local website traffic has surged by an impressive 758%, and organic keyword rankings have skyrocketed by 1159%. Furthermore, the website’s conversion rate has increased by an astonishing 1863%. These metrics are a testament to our successful rebranding and positioning of Dr. Haddad as the go-to expert for TMJ and sleep apnea treatment in the Detroit area.

The Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness Thrives

The Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness is one of the practices we market for Dr. Haddad. We increased his local traffic, organic keywords, and conversions.


Increase in local traffic


Increase in organic keywords


Increase in conversions

Dr Haddad Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

“I can’t say enough about the level of service, personal attention, and return on investment that I have received from Pro Impressions Marketing! They manage my multiple offices’ websites, social media marketing, and blogs and the results are unreal. If you aren’t getting new patients from your website, then it is NOT built right or NOT managed properly. The majority of new patients we see are directly from our website…and they are the RIGHT types of patients. This company is the key to my success in properly marketing my practice.”


Brand & Website Design

We created Dr. Haddad’s website from the ground up with a new brand centered on how he can help patients suffering from TMJ and/or sleep apnea. His website features optimization for all devices, an easy user interface, high loading speeds, and patient-centric content.

This brand—focused on only two main treatments—tells patients and Google that he is the dentist to see when experiencing TMJ or sleep apnea. Instead of TMJ and sleep apnea being one of many services, it’s expertly focused. Especially following the pandemic, we have found that wellness is important to people, and we believe that some of his success has come from a wellness-focused brand.

example of branded TMJ & TMD dental website, for desktop and for mobile

Local Traffic

Dr. Haddad’s decision to adopt a more aggressive marketing strategy, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has paid off. While competitors scaled back, Dr. Haddad’s local traffic remained high and continues to trend upward, solidifying his practice’s presence in the Detroit area.

Google local traffic report showing increase in traffic to TMJ and Sleep apnea website
example of branded dental website, for desktop and for mobile bar graph showing an increase in ranks and organic Google keywords based on tmj and sleep apnea terms


Our SEO efforts have positioned Dr. Haddad at the top of search engine rankings for relevant keywords like “TMJ Dentist Detroit” and “sleep apnea dentist Detroit.” This high visibility has contributed to the practice’s growing patient pool and reputation as a leader in TMJ and sleep apnea treatment.

Partner With Pro Impressions Marketing

Initially skeptical about our expertise, Dr. Haddad has come to view us as an invaluable part of his team. We’ve built a strong, long-term relationship, and he now entrusts us with all his marketing needs, allowing him to focus on patient care. Our successful partnership has even led to the expansion of his practice, further validating the effectiveness of our patient-centric marketing strategies.