Dental Case Study – Rochester Advanced Dentistry

Project Overview

Rochester Advanced Dentistry, led by Dr. Haddad, is a premier dental practice that has been serving the Rochester, MI, community with exceptional dental care. Specializing in a range of dental services, the practice is committed to providing a patient-centric approach to both treatment and customer service.

Rochester Advanced Dentistry


  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase new patient volume
  • Boost organic rankings on search engines
  • Modernize the brand to make it future-proof
  • Adopt a patient-centric approach to website design and content creation

PIM’s Key Achievements

Since partnering with Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we’ve achieved remarkable results that have significantly impacted the practice’s online presence and patient engagement. We increased local website traffic by an astounding 356%, boosted the ranking of organic keywords by 258%, and elevated website conversions by 46%. In addition to these quantifiable achievements, we successfully modernized the brand and website design to align with current trends and patient expectations. This modernization has not only made the brand future-proof but has also led to a significant uptick in new patient calls and website form submissions.

Rochester Advanced Dentistry Thrives

Rochester Advanced Dentistry is one of the practices we market for Dr. Haddad. We increased his local traffic, organic keywords, and conversions.


Increase in local traffic


Increase in organic keywords


Increase in conversions

Dr Haddad Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

“I can’t say enough about the level of service, personal attention, and return on investment that I have received from Pro Impressions Marketing! They manage my multiple offices’ websites, social media marketing, and blogs and the results are unreal. If you aren’t getting new patients from your website, then it is NOT built right or NOT managed properly. The majority of new patients we see are directly from our website…and they are the RIGHT types of patients. This company is the key to my success in properly marketing my practice.”


Brand & Website Redesign

We redesigned Dr. Haddad’s website to modernize the branding, help with brand consistency, make it more patient-centric and remove the doctors’ names from the logo to future-proof it.

His website uses original photography to reflect his quality of work and guides prospective patients through their buying cycle, leading them to book an appointment. The user experience, website speed, and patient-centric design invites patients into their story and shows them what their life could be like after treatment.

example of branded dental website, for desktop and for mobile

Local Traffic

Dr. Haddad’s local site traffic in Rochester, MI, has seen a consistent uptick since our partnership began. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many practices pulled back on marketing, Dr. Haddad took our advice to be more aggressive, mitigating the damage and even seeing growth in local traffic.

graph showing increase local traffic visits to dental site with help of SEO
graph showing increase in Organic Keywords for dental website with help of SEO


Our efforts in SEO have led to a steady increase in organic keyword ranking, quantity, and quality. This has directly contributed to the quality and quantity of Dr. Haddad’s patient pool, making Rochester Advanced Dentistry a go-to dental practice in the area.

Partner With Pro Impressions Marketing

Dr. Haddad initially had reservations about our dental marketing expertise. However, we worked diligently to gain his trust. Today, he considers us an integral part of his team, allowing him to focus on dentistry while we handle the marketing. Since our partnership began in 2015, Dr. Haddad has even expanded his practice, opening additional locations that we continue to promote with patient-centric designs and content. Dr. Haddad has expressed immense satisfaction with our services, a sentiment echoed by our Account Manager, who takes pride in the successful, long-term relationship we’ve built with Rochester Advanced Dentistry.