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Project Overview

In 2015, Dr. Haddad partnered with Pro Impressions Marketing. Together, we’ve worked hard to increase the traffic to his website, increase new patient calls and website forms, and increase his organic rankings. We recently redesigned his website to keep it current and future-proof the brand.


  • Increase website traffic, new patient volume, and organic rankings
  • Modernize and future-proof the brand
  • Incorporate a patient-centric approach to website design and content writing.

Key Achievements

Since starting to work with Dr. Haddad and Rochester Advanced Dentistry, we have increased his local website traffic. Conversions directly from the website and other online marketing efforts have increased by more than 150% and his local organic rankings for key terms have also increased. Dr. Haddad’s revenue has grown tremendously since 2015.
Although Dr. Hadad was happy with his website, we updated it anyway to include more modern elements and make the design and content more patient-centric. We also removed his and his partner’s name from the logo to future-proof the brand and keep it consistent.

When Dr. Haddad first came to us, he was unsure of our dental knowledge and marketing expertise. We worked hard to gain his trust, as we do for all member clients, and now he is entirely hands-off. Since 2015, he has also opened other practices. We created separate websites and continue to promote them using patient-centric designs and content writing. Dr. Haddad considers us part of his team while he focuses on dentistry and we focus on marketing. Hear more about this on Marketing Chairside with Dr. Haddad.

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355.75 %

Increase in local traffic

258.00 %

Increase in organic keywords

46.00 %

Increase in conversions

Local Traffic

Since starting to work with Dr. Haddad, his local Rochester, MI, site traffic has only increased. Even though dental demand slowed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommended that he get more aggressive with his marketing to get ahead of the competition. He took our advice. While other dentists pulled back and saw declines from the pandemic, Dr. Haddad mitigated the damage with more aggressive marketing as shown by the site traffic in this graph.

graph showing increase local traffic visits to dental site with help of SEO
graph showing increase in Organic Keywords for dental website with help of SEO

Organic Keywords

Generating traffic organically is a website’s bread and butter. Organic keyword ranking, quantity, and quality have increased steadily over only a few years and continue to climb. These efforts directly contribute to the quality and quantity of Dr. Haddad’s patient pool.

Patient Call Volume

Dr. Haddad’s patient call volume has increased, as shown in this graph. Again, evening during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we see that Dr. Haddad’s aggressive marketing strategy paid off.

Brand and Website Redesign

We recently redesigned Dr. Haddad’s website to modernize the branding, help with brand consistency, make it more patient-centric, and remove the doctors’ names from the logo to future-proof it.

His website uses original photography to reflect his quality of work and guides prospective patients through their buying cycle, leading them to book an appointment. The user experience, website speed, and patient-centric design invites patients into their story and shows them what their life could be like after treatment.

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example of branded dental website, for desktop and for mobile


“I can’t say enough about the level of service, personal attention, and return on investment that I have received from Pro Impressions Marketing! They manage my multiple offices’ websites, social media marketing, and blogs and the results are unreal. If you aren’t getting new patients from your website, then it is NOT built right or NOT managed properly. The majority of new patients we see are directly from our website…and they are the RIGHT types of patients. This company is the key to my success in properly marketing my practice.”