Content is one of the most important elements of your website. It’s also one of the most time-consuming elements to manage. At launch, a website can contain 25,000 words or more–that’s as long as some books! And with updates and blogs, you just don’t have the time to keep up with that content alongside your busy dental practice. That’s where we can help: with decades of experience working with dentists, we can provide pages and blogs for your website that you can feel confident are accurate and professional: they don’t require detailed review and editing from you. And if you do find the time to write a page or blog, we can polish it to help you look your best.

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Why Copywriting Matters

Written content is vital in every phase of your online marketing efforts. Copywriting is essential for SEO, which will bring potential patients to your site. Once potential patients are on your site, your content will have to win them over to decide to work with you. Content also helps current patients answer questions they may have about procedures they’ve had or are considering so they can make informed decisions and decide to get additional procedures. Content also supports your social media campaigns by providing a backbone of original material that helps make for a robust feed.

Delegate Your Copywriting to Experts

We understand that many dentists have had bad experience with content in the past. You’ve gotten material that was barely readable, outdated, and riddled with errors. You don’t have to worry about that with Pro Impressions Marketing Group. Our staff includes award-winning writers with advanced degrees, including PhDs. We have decades of experience working with dentists, we read the current dental journals, and we regularly attend continuing education courses as guests of member dentists. You can trust that your content will be accurate to the current state of dental science.

Content That Is Tailored to Your Practice

We have studied dental science enough to know that there are many areas where dentists just disagree about the best way to perform procedures or handle certain issues. We understand how dentists from certain schools–such as LVI, the Kois Center, Occlusion Connections and others–approach issues, and we’ll automatically incorporate that into your content if you inform us about that training. And if you have a particular issue that is unique to you, all you have to do is tell us once and we’ll make sure your content reflects that.

Blogging That Is Current–and Interesting

Most web companies that offer blogging will give you a bunch of canned content. The topics are re-used over and over again for you and for other clients. They are boring and often irrelevant or unnecessary. They don’t really help your SEO, won’t convert leads, won’t promote your brand, and don’t support your social media campaign–all key goals for your blog.

At Pro Impressions Marketing Group, we believe in writing blogs that people might actually want to read. We also strive to customize your blog content to your practice. That means it will reflect not only the procedures you want to promote, but also the particular tone of your practice. We can focus on new discoveries in dental science, political topics with dental relevance, celebrity gossip, dental history, even trivia and jokes, depending on what you’re looking for. You can tell us what you want on your blog when you sign up, or just give us feedback on the blogs and we’ll learn your taste as we go.

Several of our clients have gotten recognized for the quality of the blogs we produce for them. They’ve been named to lists of the best blogs in the world and our dentists have been approached to become guest bloggers for local and national websites. That’s the kind of attention that can do wonders for your brand and your practice.

Are You Ready for the Best Copywriting and Blogging?

If you’re tired of struggling with producing your own content or wrangling with poor quality blogs, maybe it’s time you became a member of Pro Impressions Marketing Group. Then your website content will be one less thing you have to worry about and you can focus more on the patients your content will bring in.

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