While PPC is a commonly used word when discussing advertising, it isn’t well known outside of the world of marketing. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a type of advertising campaign in which business owners run digital ads and then pay the platform that the ads display on for each click they receive. One of the most common platforms for PPC advertisements is Google Ads. You see Google search ads when you search for something on Google and the first few results that pop up are labeled “Ad.” With PPC advertisements, you are able to target specific keywords, demographics, and locations.

Rule of 20
Rule of 20


In the marketing world, the Rule of 7 is often thought of as the gold standard in marketing. A person must become exposed to your message at least 7 times before purchasing your product. The more people are exposed to a message, the more likely they will buy it. This gold standard isn’t anything new. In fact, in Thomas Smith’s Book “Successful Advertising” from 1885, he claimed a frequency of 20 was most effective. As you can see from the image, he broke down what happens at each step and why it can take 20 steps to convert a lead.

With the rule of 20 in mind, think of how often someone will see your message if you run dental PPC campaigns for all different services. If a patient sees your company dominating ad space from PPC in addition to organic search results, guess what? They are more likely to click on you after they keep seeing your practice pop up. This is the reason why PPC is so successful. The more you can expose your brand to the same person, the more likely they will become a new patient!


At Pro Impressions Marketing, we work exclusively with dentists. This allows us to give dentists our undivided attention when it comes to keyword research. With our extensive experience working in the dental industry, we know exactly which keywords to use in your campaigns. Between our experience and continuing research on the latest trends, you can trust that we know what works and what doesn’t.

With our keyword expertise, we’re able to maximize the quality of your clicks to help you get better leads. This not only helps us maximize your return on investment but prevents you from receiving an overload of calls that waste your time and resources. Who wouldn’t love to get more new patients on the phone and fewer spammers without wasting money? With our dental PPC expertise, we can!


Tracking a click rate doesn’t mean anything if we don’t track where those clicks go. When someone clicks on your website from a dental PPC campaign, we track beyond that initial click. We track every page they navigate through on your website and if they call you or fill out your contact form. By tracking your campaign’s performance at multiple levels, we’re able to see how many people actually convert into new patients after seeing your advertisements. These additional levels of tracking help us ensure you have a healthy campaign that’s delivering results.

PPC Keywords Graph on Laptop


Dental PPC isn’t just a way to attract new patients to your office. It also indirectly impacts your website’s SEO. Even if you’re on page one for certain keywords, using PPC can help your business occupy even more territory on search engine result pages. Whether a patient prefers to click on ads or scroll to organic results, your website will be on display in both areas, doubling your chances of a click.

If you’re not on page one for your desired keywords yet because you just started investing in SEO, PPC is a great way to drive new patients to your website while you wait for SEO results to kick in. Since SEO results can take months to achieve, PPC is the only way to achieve immediate placement on page one.


Although it’s flattering if someone wants to travel halfway around the world for your dental services, it’s usually not too common. As a dentist, your target audience is local residents. Most patients aren’t looking to travel out of their way for a dentist unless they’re looking for a specific procedure. Since most people conduct local searches when searching for a dentist, PPC ads make it easy for them to find you. Targeting locally allows you to receive the best return on investment!


PPC isn’t just important for driving new patients to your dentistry office. It’s also vital for spreading brand awareness in your local market. If your practice pops up at the top of many different local searches, the exposure will help people become more familiar with your business. This may encourage them to feel more inclined to click on your website in the future. An increase in website traffic will generate more conversions and therefore more new patients!

Is PPC right for your dental practice? Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about our PPC services and to discover the other benefits of working with Pro Impressions Marketing. Call us at (970) 672-1212 today!

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