Technical Dental SEO Means More Patients

Technical search engine optimization are all the things that go on behind the scenes to make your website easy for search engines to understand and navigate. Search engines look at sitemaps, URL structures, schema, page speed, navigation and more to decide to show your site first, last, or somewhere in between. We stand apart from the other dental marketing companies because we:

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Have the fastest dental websites: Our developers have gone to great lengths to have some of the fastest sites on the internet and we incorporate the latest server technologies to create an unparalleled patient experience.

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Are “Mobile First”: According to Google, getting the best ranking possible means being “mobile first.” Our websites are designed with this in mind and are easy to use on all devices.

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Practice error checking monthly: Each month we review websites for problems like errors, broken pages, bad links and any other factor that could shoot down your ranking. With Pro Impressions, we provide continual work to keep you at the top.

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Good Dental SEO Makes For a Good Online Patient Experience

We ensure your website is fast, reliable, and easily accessible on all devices. Search engines will know your website provides users with a good experience and increase your visibility.

The best dental SEO creates a good online experience for patients. You work hard to create an in-office patient experience that exceeds all others, and we do the same online. We go above and beyond the minimum to make your website easy to navigate, highly responsive, and with clear calls to action. Not only does this help your website rank higher, but it also lets your patients know what to do next—make an appointment.

Keep Content Fresh and Patient-Focused

Dental SEO is more than how your website works; it’s about what your website contains, too. Search engines crawl the internet for fresh content because they want to give their user the best information.

If your website never gets updated, search engines will assume you have nothing new to say and are no longer relevant. If the information on your website is outdated, incomplete, or not targeting the right audience, search engines won’t know what your website is about. In its uncertainty, it’ll give a different office more visibility.

Your content needs to be patient-focused. By doing this, you’ll achieve two things:

  1. You’ll invite the patient into your story and paint the picture of the beautiful life they’ll have after visiting your dental office. After all, patients come to you to enhance their life, not your office.
  2. You’ll attract the right kind of user. By basing your content on user intent, search engines will know if you’re looking for users who are dental students, dentists buying dental technology, true-crime fans, or people looking for a dentist.

If you’re a dental office looking for new patients of the right kind, we can help. Schedule a consultation today.

Don’t Let Your Website Languish at the Bottom of the List

The only consistent thing about dental SEO is that it changes. With over a decade of experience in dental marketing, we’ve analyzed years of data that allow us to forecast changes and react quickly when they arise. Our marketing experts are innovative and analytical. We discover the next best way to achieve the visibility your dental office deserves so you can maximize new patient flow.

Don’t let your visibility fall because of outdated practices. Stay current with Pro Impressions Marketing Group and schedule a consultation today.