Gain More Patients with Targeted
Marketing for TMJ Dentists

Gain More Patients with Targeted Marketing for TMJ Dentists

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Your Niche TMJ Dental Practice Needs Specialized Marketing

Marketing for TMJ dentists is unlike marketing for a typical dental practice. It requires specialized targeting because you offer specialized treatment. Sometimes patients come to you without knowing they have a TMD problem. Other times, patients look for solutions to their pain online or have a hunch that their TMJ is acting up. Marketing with Pro Impressions Marketing allows your practice to capture patients in all stages of their search for answers. From your patients’ first hint of awareness to treatment and patient retention, Pro Impressions can help. We tailor your website and marketing to fit your practice and specifically speak to those who need your life-changing TMD treatment.

How We’ll Help Grow Your TMD Brand

Custom Dental Website Design:

A custom website designed specifically for your TMJ dental practice sends a clear message to patients that you are the solution to their pain.

Search Engine Optimization for Dentists:

Your unique practice requires unique optimization. Our history of marketing for TMJ dentists gives us the experience necessary to help patients find your website.

Dental Social Media Management:

Establishing a strong brand when you cater to niche markets is essential. Social media management helps TMJ dentists establish a strong online presence and creates lasting impressions. We’ll help you educate your audience about TMD through social media, to foster trust, brand recognition, and brand recall.

Dental Copywriting and Blogs:

To establish your TMJ dental practice as an authority on all things TMD, you’ll need original copywriting and blogs. Not only will this help your patients trust you, but it’ll aid your practice in showing up high on search engine result lists.

Reputation Management:

Search engines and patients alike consider your online reputation. Reputation management can give each patient future value in their referral and helps your search engine result ranking.

Pay-Per-Click and Display Advertising for Dentists:

Send a clear message to the right people at the right time with pay-per-click and display advertising and only pay for people who actually click on your ad.

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A Comprehensive TMJ Marketing Package

Pro Impressions Marketing offers the Pro Package; we manage all aspects of your TMJ marketing. Our marketing enthusiasts and dental experts know TMJ marketing and help dentists just like you grow their practice every day. A team of experts running your marketing behind the scenes allows you to spend time with patients. And after you’ve spent the day changing lives, you don’t need to spend your evening on marketing. You can go home and relax knowing that we have it covered. The Pro Package is all-inclusive TMJ marketing that works.

Pro Membership with Dental Sleep Marketing

See How We’ve Helped Dr. Jeffery Haddad’s TMJ Practice Grow

“I can’t say enough about the level of service, personal attention, and return on investment that I have received from Pro Impressions Marketing! They manage my multiple offices’ websites, social media marketing, and blogs and the results are unreal. If you aren’t getting new patients from your website, then it is NOT built right or NOT managed properly. The majority of new patients we see are directly from our website…and they are the RIGHT types of patients. This company is the key to my success in properly marketing my practice.”

– Dr. Jeffrey Haddad

The Michigan Center for

TMJ and Sleep Wellness Thrives

The Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness is one of the practices we market for Dr. Haddad. We increased his local traffic, organic keywords, and conversions.

757.64 %

Increase in local traffic

1159.00 %

Increase in organic keywords

1863.16 %

Increase in conversions

Pro Package Social Post Examples

Social Post Example for Dental Sleep Marketing
Sleep Study Social Post
Sleep Apnea Treatment Social Post