Enhanced Dental Website & Branding

Collins Family Dentistry

Collins Family Dentistry, located in Cheney, WA, is a cornerstone in the community for comprehensive dental care. Led by Dr. Collins, the practice offers a wide range of services, from family dentistry and orthodontics to cosmetic and implant dentistry. The team is dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere for patients of all ages, ensuring that everyone from children to seniors feels at home. Pro Impressions Marketing is honored to have revamped their website and branding, aligning their online presence with the high-quality care they provide.

Collins Cheney Redesign Feature


While Collins Family Dentistry had a website that featured some strong points, such as straightforward navigation and visible CTAs, it fell short in several key areas.

  • The color scheme was not ADA-compliant
  • The overall branding felt outdated, which didn’t do justice to the modern, comprehensive services the practice offers.


Pro Impressions Marketing took the essence of what makes Collins Family Dentistry special and infused it into a new, fully responsive website. We retained their existing logo but updated the branding to better reflect the practice’s ethos.

  • New ADA-compliant color palette
  • More dynamic homepage
  • Enhanced user experience and engagement.
CollinsCheney Original Branding

Original Website & Branding

Don’t Settle for Less

Collins Family Dentistry is a practice that families in Cheney trust for their diverse dental needs. However, their previous website didn’t fully capture the breadth of services and the quality of care they offer. When your online presence doesn’t match your real-world excellence, you risk missing out on potential patients.

Updated Branding & Website Redesign

Updated Branding &
Website Redesign

A Digital Transformation for a Lifetime of Smiles

A Digital Transformation for a Lifetime of Smiles

By collaborating with Pro Impressions Marketing, Collins Family Dentistry has successfully modernized its online presence. The new website is not just visually appealing but also ADA-compliant and mobile-responsive. It serves as a digital extension of the warm, comprehensive care that Dr. Collins and his team provide, making it easier for families to choose them as their lifelong dental care partners.

Collins Cheney Updated Branding Images
Collins Cheney Updated Branding