Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’re not getting any new dental patients?
  • You don’t take before and after photos?
  • You don’t have any videos?
  • You don’t know how to take photos or videos?

Without before and after photos or videos to give your dental office credibility, patients won’t want to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment with you. When a prospective dental patient is searching for a new dentist, especially for cosmetic reasons, they will look for these factors to build a sense of trust with you. Our guide will teach you how to include before and after photos and videos in your marketing strategy.

Acquiring New Dental Patients is Just 3 Easy Steps Away

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1. Download Guide

Learn new skills and why you need them at your dental practice.

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2. Implement New Strategy

Take everything you’ve learned and start practicing it at work.

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3. Get New Dental Patients

New dental patients will notice these changes and start scheduling appointments.

Before & After Photos

If you help dental patients achieve beautiful results, taking before and after photos are a crucial step you must take for every procedure. A picture is worth 1,000 words. If your website or social media doesn’t display any of your beautiful results, how will a potential new patient know if you’re skilled enough to perfect their smile? Learn how to take beautiful dental before and after photos and use them effectively in your marketing in our guide.

Before & After Photos of a dental patient

Video Testimonials

The only thing more powerful than a written review is one spoken on video by your patient. When prospective dental patients come across you online and see a patient speaking on camera about their experience at your dental practice, that’s all the proof they need to schedule an appointment with you. Our guide teaches you how to successfully record dental video testimonials in your office to use in your marketing strategy.

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