We understand: not everyone needs or wants a full exclusive membership. Maybe your practice is in a small town where you don’t have a lot of competition. Maybe you’ve got a good patient base and just need a little extra traffic to maintain it. Maybe you’re not sure whether you want to expand your focus on cosmetic dentistry and want to test the waters.

Whatever your reason, you’ll be happy to know that Pro Impressions Marketing Group offers a lite membership. You can get started with web marketing at a rate that even the smallest practice can fit in their budget. Want to talk about signing up at this lower rate? Please call (970) 672-1212 today and talk to us about the potential benefits for your practice.

What Has Your Website Done for You?

Many dental practices have a website but they’re not sure about the value of it. A lite membership includes monthly reporting from an account manager who can give you a regular snapshot of how well your website is performing. You’ll see traffic statistics and get a convenient summary of leads that have come in through your contact forms and over the phone.

Once you know about the success or failure of your website, you can make better informed decisions about whether to keep up the effort, intensify it, or try something else.

Who Has Time to Blog?

Blogging is an essential part of maintaining a solid web presence, but you’re busy–and your staff is, too. But lite membership includes blogging. You’ll get one original blog per month, written just for you and tailored to the kinds of procedures you focus on and appealing to the kinds of patients you want to attract.

Secure Your Site

Patient secrecy is a very important issue–and a potentially serious liability for your practice. HIPAA-compliant website hosting protects your patients’ information and protects your practice from liability for data breaches.

And all the people you work with at Pro Impressions Marketing Group are HIPAA-certified. We understand the sensitivity of your patients’ records, and we’ll protect them.

Get Listed

It used to be that you needed to make sure you were listed in the phonebook to make sure people could find you. Today, that’s been replaced with numerous online directories that help search engines sift all the websites out there and determine which belong to dentists and link those dentists to their local area.

With a lite membership, we’ll make sure you’re listed in the key places to show up when people are looking for you. This includes making sure you have the proper Google + listing for your practice with up-to-date information.

No Reviews Is Bad News

An estimated 92% of users read reviews before deciding to make a commitment to a purchase or service online. Unfortunately, most reviewers only post reviews when they have a bad experience.

If you aren’t doing anything to encourage patients to post positive reviews, people are likely to skip your practice in favor of one that has positive reviews. And you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the voices of those disgruntled few who will be the only reviews people see.  

With the lite membership, we will help set up your practice to get a steady stream of reviews from patients who love your practice. There’s nothing to install, and we’ll train your team for optimal results.

Paid Advertising Is Available

PPC management isn’t part of the base lite membership, but it can be added for a low monthly fee. With PPC management, we handle all the difficult parts of your campaign–you just tell us how much you want to spend and what you want to target and we do the rest.

Want a New Site?

Premiere members get a free website. This isn’t included in a lite membership, but we do offer website design and content services for lite members at a discounted rate. If you want to upgrade your website, we can give you a quote.

Hold Your Place at the Table

One of the benefits of a lite membership is that it saves your place for a premiere membership. If you’re considering becoming a premiere member, but aren’t sure you want to commit, a lite membership will move you to the head of the line. If someone in your area requests a premiere membership, we’ll tell you, and you can decide if you’d rather take that premiere membership instead.

If you’re ready to improve your web marketing with an affordable, sensible approach that helps you refine your efforts and improve your return on investment, now’s the time to contact us about a Pro Impressions Marketing Group lite membership. Please call (970) 672-1212 today to find out more.