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Your Digital Dental
Marketing Guide

Marketing a dental office is challenging because you need new patients for growth while controlling expenses. Ineffective marketing not only wastes money but also causes you to lose potential revenue from new patients. Even small investments in bad marketing can be costly. A digital marketing plan can prevent such losses by providing direction and a way to measure success. It boosts your confidence as a business manager. Read this guide to learn how to create your dental digital marketing plan.

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How To Write, Create, and Send Dental Email Newsletters

Email marketing is a powerful tool due to the vast number of worldwide email users (over 4 billion). McKinsey & Company’s study reveals that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media, accelerates the buying process by three times compared to social media, helps build patient relationships, allows for personalization, increases brand awareness through easy sharing, and can re-engage patients who started a process but didn’t finish. Additionally, email newsletters are cost-effective and quick to create.

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