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When you’re spending money on marketing every month, how will you know if what you’re paying for is getting you any results? Your results are a complete mystery without the data right in front of you. That’s where Online Practice Center and your dedicated Account Manager come in.

Online Practice Center is a website that gives you access to all the data, insights, and tools you need to evaluate your current marketing efforts. That way, you know exactly what’s going on all the time. Online Practice Center can show you website visits, social media metrics, Google My Business interactions, quality of reviews, and more, all in one place.

With all of this data in your hands, you can stay on top of your marketing campaigns to ensure they perform as best as possible. The better your campaigns perform, the more new patients walk through your door.

If you’re not keeping tabs on your marketing, you might be wasting money on campaigns that flop. Online Practice Center is designed to help you feel confident in your online marketing and get your desired results. Your account manager will go over your report with you monthly because we want you to be kept in the loop.

What You Get

The Online Practice Center comes with various tools that will help you gain control of your marketing campaigns and their performance. The Online Practice Center includes:

  • Listing Builder – The listing builder helps us build a mini-website for your practice to help with branded search. It gives the search engines another listing to look at when considering or looking for information about your practice.
  • Listing distribution and management – Our team works hard to ensure our client’s online listings are as up-to-date as possible on as many websites across the internet as possible.
  • Advanced reporting – Get insight into your online visibility performance and what patients do when they encounter your office online.
  • Advertising analytics tools – Track and understand how your paid search campaigns perform with an easy-to-use analytics tool.
  • Reputation management tools – Our reputation tools make it easy to track online reviews when they happen so you can quickly and easily leave a response.
  • Online reputation management – We help our clients respond to new reviews that are positive or negative to take away the stress of reputation management.
  • Social media management tools – Centralize your social media efforts with simple tools that help you stay social.
  • SEO Tools – Our SEO tools analyze the aspects of your website that help you be seen online. The tools deliver a list of improvements and analyze the metrics Google also looks at.
  • Secure website and email hosting upon request – We host your website and emails on a completely secure server. Your information is safe with us!
  • Monthly Tips and Tricks – Stay up to date on the latest in dental marketing from our team.
  • Support Ticket Help Available – Need help with anything? Everyone does! We’re here for any of your marketing needs.
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Sign Up for Our Comprehensive Marketing Package

Does this sound like a great deal to you? We think so. Take back control of your marketing campaigns and learn what is happening so you can stop wasting money. Online Practice Center and Pro Impressions Marketing are here to help you navigate your marketing efforts better and hold whoever is handling your marketing accountable. Sign up for our all-inclusive marketing today and access the Online Practice Center. Every day you don’t know what’s going on with your marketing is possible money and patients lost.

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