You know how important your reputation is in person. You want your patients to respect your professional judgment, your team to look to you as a leader, and your colleagues to refer cases to you when they know you’re the best dentist for the job. In all of these relationships you can personally manage your reputation. Speak with confident authority, be knowledgeable, and deliver quality results and you will develop a good reputation among those that know your person and your work.

But online nobody knows your person or your work. All they know is what is said about you. And that’s why you need online reputation management. Online reputation management, included in a Pro Impressions Marketing Group membership, can literally save your practice. If you haven’t experienced this yet for yourself, good! Now’s the best time to get started saving your reputation. To learn how, please call (970) 672-1212 today and learn about the benefits of a Pro Impressions Marketing Group Membership.

Everybody Loves Me, Baby

Your patients all appreciate the experience and the results you deliver. Your team is satisfied in their jobs. Your colleagues know your expertise. So why do you only have negative reviews online?

This happens a lot more than you might expect. We’ve seen it many times, and, unfortunately, many great dentists have fallen victim to this situation.

This is partly the way reviews often work. People don’t feel like writing a review unless they’re really upset about something. After all, if they’re happy, and you’re happy, why go to the trouble?

So in the absence of positive reviews from all your satisfied patients, the lone voice that has a problem (or imagines they have a problem or is trying to harass you) wins out.

Building up positive reviews is your best defense against negative reviews. We can teach you how to get positive reviews from patients who might not otherwise take the trouble.

You Know What You Tell Patients about Prevention . . .

How many times have you had a patient who didn’t come in until something hurt? And all of a sudden the patient who “didn’t have a problem” last week is facing a root canal or an extraction. Online reputation management is a lot like that.

Preventive treatment for your online reputation management is inexpensive and simple. But you have to do it when it seems like everything is fine. If you wait until a problem crops up, repair is more expensive, more challenging, and the results aren’t as ideal.

That’s why we include online reputation management in our membership. Everybody needs it, including those who think their reputation is fine and doesn’t need help.

Attack the Problem from All Angles

We take a comprehensive approach to online reputation management.

First, we help you get positive reviews from the people who love your practice. We’ll provide you with advice on how to achieve this and even train your staff on how to make it a natural extension of the positive relations you have with patients at every visit.

Second, our SEO will help promote search results that show your practice in the best light. We’ll help bump up your website, your official profiles, and reviews that favor your practice so that bad reviews and negative press fall off the first page so they’re out of sight and out of mind.

We’ll also go after negative reviews that are untrue, inflammatory, or violate terms and conditions of rating sites. In some cases, we can get these pulled down so you don’t have to deal with them.

And our social media management will help you engage with patients in a positive way. We can help you engage patients who may have a legitimate grievance. Maybe you can resolve the issue, but even if you can’t, others will see you putting forth a good-faith effort which may be just as good.

Your online reputation is a valuable asset for your practice. Don’t leave it unguarded for anyone to vandalize. Learn more about the benefits of reputation management as part of your Pro Impressions Marketing Group membership. Please call (970) 672-1212 today!