Full Membership

We use a membership model for our services. Buying a membership means you get everything you need to market your practice online. Sign up for membership and let us take care of details like website design, search engine optimization, reputation management, and blogging. We’ll even review lead handling so you can train your staff to make the most of every call and email. And membership is exclusive: you’ll be the only one in your city getting the benefit of our services.

Lite Membership

Lite membership is a great alternative for practices in less competitive marketplaces that don’t need or don’t want our full suite of services. We’ll make your website secure, provide regular blogs, manage your online reputation, and get you listed on directories that tell Google your practice should come up when people search dentists in your area. You can also add pay-per-click advertising and design at a low additional cost.

Website Design

An old or unattractive design can cause users to leave your website before they ever consider your training or qualifications–they’ll never become patients. Pro Impressions Marketing Group Membership includes a new website design (if you need it), and we’ll make sure your site never gets stale: every 24 months we’ll give you an updated design. Our attractive designs keep users on your site long enough to see what sets you apart and decide that you’re the right dentist for them.

We also offer a la carte website design for Lite Members and nonmembers.


Your website can’t bring in new patients if no-one finds it. We practice leading-edge search-engine optimization practices. Comprehensive citation management will tell Google and other search engines that your site belongs on the listings for dentists in your area, while detailed, accurate, up-to-date content will move you to the top of those listings.

Online Reputation Management

Your website is only part of the strategy for establishing and maintaining credibility online. 92% of users read online reviews before selecting a business. What will those reviews tell people about your practice? Don’t wait for bad reviews to sink your reputation: buoy your status by reaching out to all the patients who love your practice.

Social Media Management

We know your hands are full dealing with patient in your office. You don’t have time to manage a full social media campaign, too. We provide social media support so your account will have regular, lively activity. You’ll only have to touch it when there’s something special you want to share.

Copywriting & Blogging

We will provide you with accurate up-to-date content that is clearly and beautifully written. It will reach out to all potential patients: those who want quick and simple explanations and those who need to fully understand a procedure before they commit. And when it comes to the blog you tell us what you want and we’ll deliver new blogs every month: basic procedure information, celebrity gossip, groundbreaking science, patient profiles and case studies–you name it!