We don’t want to be your “Web Guy.” We want to be an extension of your office team. When you become a member of Pro Impressions Marketing Group, you’re adding an entire internet marketing division to your practice. These are people with initiative and inspiration, who are constantly upgrading your marketing efforts without you having to hound them about details. And you don’t have to worry about getting nickeled and dimed over website changes: it’s all included!

Sound like a sweet deal? It is! If you want a taste of this honey, please call (970) 672-1212 today and learn how you can join.

What’s Included in Membership

When we say that membership includes “everything” you need for an online marketing campaign, we’re not just whistling Dixie here. Your membership includes:

  • Exclusivity in your metro area
  • Call grading & coaching
  • On-page SEO
  • Local/maps placement on search engines
  • Brand identity development
  • A new website when you sign up
  • Website updates (up to 8 hours per month)
  • Website redesign every 24 months
  • HIPAA-compliant hosting
  • Social media management
  • Blogging & blog promotion on social media
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Free website and email hosting
  • New page additions as needed
  • Pay-per-click advertising management (budget not included)
  • E-newsletters
  • NewPatient.Link HIPAA compliant online patient forms
  • Online reputation management
  • Other services at a discounted rate
  • Additional websites can be added at a discount
  • More membership benefits added as more members join!
  • Communication forum with other dentists
  • Sharing resources with other dentists such as print ads and brochures

And membership is month to month. We don’t believe in long-term contracts that force you to stay with us. If we’re not earning your loyalty every month, you’re free to go!

Virtual Office Managers

You know you’ve found the right office manager when your office runs without constant supervision from you. They’ll tell you what you need to know and consult with you on important decisions, but, for the most part, you don’t need to worry about it. You never have to order pens: you can focus on dentistry.

Your website is like your virtual office, so, ideally, you want a virtual office manager who will make your website run smoothly, too. You can watch it run without having to interfere. Just enjoy the increased patients coming into your practice.

We consider ourselves an extension of your practice, and we want you to think of us that way.

Put Your Practice on the (Google) Map

Mobile search is more important than ever. Ensuring your website is mobile friendly is an essential part of the formula for success on the web. But mobile search algorithms are also map-based. We make sure your practice is identified in its location and is more likely to show up for search phrases like “near me” as well as more traditional search terms.

In addition to SEO, we can help you bring in new patients with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Managing these campaigns is part of your membership–there’s no additional fee.

Keep in Touch with Loyal Patients

When regular patients are in your office, you engage them in conversation that helps maintain your relationship. But what do you do between visits? Patient engagement can give big benefits, but it can be exhausting to you and your staff.

Let us handle that part. With newsletters and social media management, we can reach out to your loyal patients between visits and keep them engaged between office visits.

Make It So!

Did you add a new procedure to your practice? Do you have a great idea for a new marketing angle? You don’t have to spend hours, days, or weeks developing content or design for your website: just tell us what you want, and we’ll put it on the website.

We’re up on all the latest trends in dentistry, so you don’t have to explain everything in exhausting detail: a sentence, a word, even an acronym is usually enough for us to understand what you’re looking for.

Are you tired of explaining everything to a web company that didn’t know jack about dentistry?  We have a combined 30+ years in dental marketing: a nod’s as good as a wink to us.

An Exclusive Membership Is Waiting for You

When we take on a new member, we devote everything we have to their success. That’s why we only take one member per metro area. If there’s no member in your area, then there’s a spot waiting for you.

If you’re ready to join Pro Impressions Marketing Group, we’re ready to help you. Please call (970) 672-1212 today to get the process started.