Why Dental Copywriting Matters

Written content is vital in every phase of your online marketing efforts. Copywriting is essential for dental search engine optimization (SEO), which will bring potential patients to your site. SEO is essentially the process of updating and fine-tuning the writing on a website. This is done with the goal of improving the chances your website will appear at the top of search results. Once potential patients are on your site, your content will have to convince them to work with you. Dental SEO content also helps current patients answer questions they may have and make informed decisions to get additional procedures. Content also supports your social media campaigns by providing a backbone of original material that helps make for a robust feed.

Delegate Your Copywriting To Experts

We understand that many dentists have had a bad experience with content in the past. You’ve gotten material that was barely readable, outdated, and riddled with errors. You don’t have to worry about that with Pro Impressions Marketing. We have decades of experience working with dentists and read the current dental journals to ensure we stay caught up on best-practices. You can trust that your content is always accurate and up-to-date with the current state of dental science. We also stay on top of the latest writing strategies that benefit marketing campaigns, like the StoryBrand approach.

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Content Tailored To Your Practice

Most marketing agencies that offer blogging give you a bunch of canned content. The topics are re-used over and over again for you and other clients. They are boring and often irrelevant or unnecessary. Their blogs don’t really help your SEO, won’t convert leads or promote your brand, and don’t support your social media campaigns. These are all essential goals for your practice’s blog to be successful.

At Pro Impressions Marketing, we believe in writing blogs that people actually want to read. We also strive to customize your blog content to your practice. That means it will reflect not only the procedures you want to promote but also have the particular tone of voice of your practice. We can focus your blogs on new discoveries in dental science, political topics with dental relevance, or dental history. Updates to your practice, including new procedures or recent doctor or staff achievements also make great blog topics. You tell us what you want on your blog when you sign up or give us feedback on the blogs, and we’ll learn your taste as we go. If there is ever a specific topic you would like us to write about or a service you want to promote more, just let your account manager know, and we can add that to your blog rotation.

Improve Your Dental Content With Pro Impressions Marketing

If you struggle to produce your own content or hassling with poor-quality blogs, then it’s time you work with our SEO content writers at Pro Impressions Marketing. Your website content will be one less thing you have to worry about. Now you can focus more on the patients your content will bring in.

Add regular effective content to your website when you purchase our marketing package. Please call (970) 672-1212 today to schedule a consultation.

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