Dentists spend years of their lives learning about dentistry and perfecting their techniques and skills. They shouldn’t have to be an expert in marketing too. At Pro Impressions Marketing, we offer all the dental marketing services your practice needs to attract new patients and stay ahead of your competitors. Our full-service approach allows us to take care of all your needs so you don’t have to work with multiple people or agencies.

We understand how difficult it is to choose the right marketing services for your dental practice. Let us guide you to the right services for your practice to deliver the best results possible. Explore our dental marketing services below and then contact us at (970) 672-1212 to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you grow your dental practice.

Dental Marketing Packages

We offer three different packages to choose from. Each package includes Online Practice Center – a suite of tools and service you need to take charge of your marketing and online reputation. You can also find packages that contain all of our dental marketing services: blogging, PPC management, brand identity development and much more. Browse our packages to see which one works best for your dental practice.

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Online Practice Center

Built so you and your dental office can take the lead on your marketing using our online marketing system. Our entry-level dental marketing package includes a wide suite of tools and services to take charge.

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Online Practice Center + Membership

We’ll take the lead and provide you with some of our marketing services that are helping dentists get new patients in their doors. You will also get access to our suite of dental marketing tools.

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Online Practice Center + Custom Premier Membership

You get access to our Online Practice Center suite and a custom-built dental marketing package designed specifically for your office to achieve your goals and objectives.

Dental Website Design

Your website is often a prospective patient’s first impression of your practice. If it’s hard to navigate, not mobile-friendly and doesn’t offer a clear call to action, they might write you off before you ever get a chance to meet them. Our attractive dental website designs are built with your success as our top priority. Every design is customized to attract your ideal patient and actually persuade them to contact your dental office for an appointment. Make sure your dental website creates a lasting first impression that helps patients feel excited to visit your office for the first time.

Dental SEO

If someone is searching for a new dentist it’s likely the first thing they do is head to their favorite search engine and search for a dentist near them. If your website doesn’t pop up on their search results, you’re missing out on lots of potential patients. When you invest in SEO for dentists, our proven strategy can help your dental practice show up for the right keywords so new patients can find you. No matter where patients are searching, our comprehensive citation management and up-to-date content will help your website stay at the top of search results.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing traffic to your website through search engine results. It involves using a specific strategy that includes website optimization, keyword research, link building, content, and much more.

Yes, if you want people to be able to find your website on search engines it’s completely essential. However, you can always invest all your money into PPC ads for immediate results instead.

Online Reputation Management

Creating a beautiful and functional website that ranks well is only part of your online strategy. Your reputation is just as important. Approximately 92% of users read online reviews before selecting a business which means if your practice lacks reviews, prospective patients are less likely to trust you. With online reputation management, we can help you increase the number of reviews by reaching out to existing patients. We also help you respond to every review you receive to increase your credibility. Your online reputation is essential for attracting new patients.

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Social Media Management

We know your hands are full dealing with patients in your office. You don’t have time to manage a full dental social media campaign, too. We provide social media support so your account will have consistent, lively content to engage your followers and keep them updated on the latest advancements in dentistry, and maybe even convince them to invest in a procedure. We’ll even respond to comments and messages you receive on your social media accounts so you can focus on communicating with your patients at your office. If you get too busy, you never have to worry that your social media account looks inactive. We got you covered.

Dental Copywriting and Blogging

Our writers know the ins and outs of the dental industry. We can help you with any dental content you might need including website content, blogs, marketing material, PR releases, emails, and more. Our content is written with the StoryBrand approach in mind to simplify your marketing message and eliminate confusion in prospective patients. Our dental copywriting services don’t just provide your patients with helpful information, but they help your website rank higher on search engines and drive website traffic. You can look forward to an assortment of click-worthy blog content on your website every month.

Pay Per Click

Do you want to rank #1 for “dentist in your area”? That can take years of a highly effective SEO strategy to achieve and it’s not even a guarantee. If you don’t want to wait months for SEO efforts to increase your visibility, pay per click (PPC) is a fast and easy way to put your office at the top of Google’s local search results and attract new patients. Since we work exclusively with dentists, we know exactly what your dental PPC campaign needs to perform well to attract new patients. With our help, we can help your practice maximize online visibility and increase conversions with the right PPC campaign.

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Start Growing Your Practice with Dental Marketing – Schedule a Consultation

We understand how confusing all these different dental marketing tools and services might seem, especially if you don’t know what your practice wants or needs. Let us help you cut out the guesswork. Schedule a consultation with our dental marketing agency at (970) 672-1212 today to talk with our experts and to create the perfect marketing strategy for your dental practice. Tell us your goals and we’ll offer you solutions to help reach them. It’s that simple.