Successful social media campaigns have a personal touch that requires help from someone who is in your office. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your office, but we’re not actually in your office. So there are some parts of your social media campaign that you will have to handle.

But we will do everything we can to support your efforts. We’ll help you understand what kinds of posts get the best results and give you a steady supply of ideas to help your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business pages look fun and interesting. We’ll help you take better pictures and post them. We will also make sure you remember to post about significant events in the office. We’ll help you understand the nuanced differences between the platforms so your LinkedIn account isn’t posting material better suited for Instagram or vice versa. We may even supply tools, equipment, props, and more to help your practice achieve the best feed possible.

Social Media Post Example


Social media campaigns benefit from a steady stream of posts, but you don’t always have time to take and post new pictures all the time. That’s where we come in. Our Online Practice Center Plus Membership and Plus Custom Premier Membership includes a regular stream of social media posts. We’ll help fill out your feeds with appropriate posts. Some of these will be blogs we generate on your site and highlights of particular procedures that are appropriate to news or current affairs. But some of it will be a curated collection of memes and other content that’s been selected as being appropriate to your practice and your audience.

We’ll talk to you first about what types of posts you think are best, but after that, you can let this part of your social media campaign go on without additional input or time investment.


With so many people and businesses on social media, it’s hard to make sure that people see your posts, especially on a platform like Facebook. That’s why we will periodically promote posts to make sure you’re reaching the audience you want to access. Some of this is automatically included in your membership, and we’ll help you organize more far-reaching advertising campaigns if you want.


As tiring as posting on social media is, it can be even more exhausting to monitor it. That’s why we’ll do it for you. We’ll keep track of your feeds and respond to comments that come up. If we feel a comment would benefit from a personal reply from someone in-office or it’s a direct lead, we’ll flag it for your attention and you can follow-up.

Social media management is one of the places where you’ll really appreciate the support of the Pro Impressions Marketing team. It can significantly improve the engagement, image, and brand of your practice, without overwhelming your in-house staff.


Facebook and Instagram are the top social media websites that your dental practice needs to be on. Each platform reaches a different audience. Facebook captures an older audience while Instagram tends to be primarily younger people. It’s important to market your office on both platforms to reach the widest audience possible. Facebook has 2.38 billion active monthly users while Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users. It’s not only important to post on your feeds but also stories. We will teach you how to do effective social media marketing for your dental office.


We encourage our clients to #staysocial. If you’re stuck on ideas, we post ideas for you to use monthly on our #staysocial blog! Make sure you follow us on social media so you never miss a month of #staysocial idea posts!

To learn more about how we can help social media contribute to the success of your practice, please call (970) 672-1212 today for a consultation.

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