Why Your Google Reviews May Be Disappearing

You and your team work hard to gain reviews for your practice. After all, good reviews are your insurance policy for getting a bad apple. Look at reviews like the conversation that patients are having about you online. Asking for reviews starts the conversation, the {{{{link id='50507' text='review lets new patients know what kind [...]

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Why Dentists Should Use Copyscape to Avoid Getting Screwed

Dentists need content to fuel their marketing. Without the text on a website, it would just be a collage of images. Google is getting better at understanding images and what they represent, but they still rely on text to understand what a website is all about. Google can assign even more value and relevance [...]

Unlocking the Secret of Dental Patient Search Behavior

Many dentists like to see content on their dental websites and blog posts that they'd like to read. Maybe it's the latest dental technology for measuring a patient's bite force or the intricate workings of how myofunctional therapy can reshape a patient's airway. While interesting to a dentist, it isn't what the typical patient [...]

Dental Marketing Strategies for 2022

Anyone who works in marketing will tell you that trends are constantly changing. What worked a year ago may not work tomorrow. Part of this is that the top search engines and social media platforms like Google and Facebook are changing up their game due to privacy promises and issues. The other half of [...]

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