When potential patients come to your website, you have a fraction of a second to impress them. It’s in that fraction of a second that the design of your website will make all the difference whether that person decides to become a patient or not. If the design of your website isn’t done well, people won’t stay long enough to read what services you offer. They won’t know about your qualifications, your friendly team members, or the warm and welcoming atmosphere of your office. That’s why we consider website design so important that we include a new website as part of the membership package.

If you are tired of your old, unattractive and dysfunctional website, we’re ready to design you a new site. Please call (970) 672-1212 today to learn more about the benefits of membership in Pro Impressions Marketing Group.

The Price Is Right

Are you looking for a website that won’t kill your margin for this quarter? How’s about free? Think you can fit that in your marketing budget?

That’s right: you get a free website when you join Pro Impressions Marketing Group with an exclusive Premiere Membership. We want all our members to succeed, and we know that having a good website design is crucial to your success, so if you have a website you’re not happy with or that just isn’t working, we’ll build you a new one at no additional cost.

A Five-Course Feast for the Eyes

Potential patients demand something more than eye candy from a website.

In that fraction of a second that people judge your website, what are they looking for? They’re looking for something that pleases, something that surprises, and something that reassures. Your site has to be attractive, innovative, and professional in order to get people to stay on the site.

And once you get them to stay, your website has to be intuitively functional. People have to be able to find what they’re looking for.

And then there’s the crucial piece de resistance: the website has to make the compelling case for why you are the best dentist for that patient.

The Hardest Patients to Reach May Be the Closest

These days, mobile devices are becoming more and more critical to the way people look for any service: including dentists. People will search on their phones for dentist “near me” and then pick someone who comes up.

Sure, just being physically close will help you show up in this search, but you also need to have a site that is friendly to mobile devices. Otherwise, you might not show up. And if you do show up, potential patients may not choose you if your website won’t display properly on their device. We make sure all our websites are optimized and functional for smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well as desktops.

A Site That Grows with You

We know that you’re constantly growing as a dentist: adding new techniques, technologies, and procedures to your practice. That’s why we include regular website additions as part of your membership. We can add these new procedures as part of your regular monthly fee.

And if you have a major new section you want to add to your website, we can quote you a price on more major changes to the website.

Always Be On-Trend

Website design is like any other type of design: fashions and fads come and go. If you stick with the same design for too long, your website will start to look outdated, which will affect the performance of the site.

That’s why we include free redesigns of your website every two years so you will always be leading the trends in dental websites, not lagging behind them.

Results You Can See

Sure, a pretty website is nice, but what really matters is that your website is fostering relationships with current patients and bringing in new patients for your practice.

That’s why we’ll give you monthly reports on the performance of your website, including traffic, phone calls, and email contacts. You will never have any doubt of the value that your website is bringing to your practice.

Are you ready to finally get results from your website? Please call (970) 672-1212 today to talk about joining Pro Impressions Marketing Group.