Revamping Digital Presence

Lawson Family Dentistry

Lawson Family Dentistry, led by the accomplished Dr. Jessica Lawson, is a premier dental practice in Urbandale, IA. The practice offers a holistic approach to dental care, from preventative measures to restorative, cosmetic, and sleep dentistry. With a spa-like atmosphere and cutting-edge technology, patients receive first-class treatment and leave with smiles they love to show off. Pro Impressions Marketing is honored to have revamped their digital presence, including a new logo, an ADA-compliant color palette, and a fully responsive website.

Lawson Dentistry Redesign Feature


The original website for Lawson Family Dentistry felt dated and was somewhat overwhelming to navigate. The client also wanted to better showcase their specialist services, making it clear that a digital overhaul was necessary.


Pro Impressions Marketing took on the task of giving Lawson Family Dentistry the digital facelift it deserved. We developed:

  • A new logo that aligns with the practice’s modern and holistic approach to dentistry.
  • Adjusted the branding with an ADA-compliant color palette, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  • The fully responsive website now offers an interactive and user-friendly experience, making it easier for patients to navigate and find the services they need.
Lawson Original Branding

Original Website & Branding

The Cost of Stagnation

A dated website can deter potential patients and give the impression that the practice is not up-to-date with the latest dental technologies and treatments. This was a challenge Lawson Family Dentistry needed to overcome to continue attracting new patients.

Updated Branding & Website Redesign

Updated Branding &
Website Redesign

A New Chapter in Patient Care

A New Chapter in Patient Care

With the help of Pro Impressions Marketing, Lawson Family Dentistry has turned a new leaf in its digital journey. The new logo, ADA-compliant color palette, and fully responsive website not only enhance the practice’s online image but also make it easier for patients to engage with the practice. This digital transformation positions Lawson Family Dentistry as a leader in comprehensive dental care in Urbandale, IA.

Lawson Updated Photo Branding
Lawson Updated Branding